Not your ordinary scientific workshop

Everybody at the workshop was hand picked for their academic credentials or outstanding contributions as artists, and we had managed to bring together an extremely interesting group of people with very diverse kinds of knowledge.

Together we created an environment where all participants stepped outside their professional comfort zone and came up with new thoughts and ideas.

On the one hand, we do not wish to single out anybody, on the other, we would like to share how diverse the group actually was: Below are three contributors, all rather unusual at a scientific conference.


Wael Ghonim

Democracy and social media

Our first session Thursday morning was a skype with Wael Ghonim, Egyptian activist and founder of Parlio, about social media’s role, possibilities and risks concerning activism and the fight for democracy.

Everybody was both moved and encouraged by his presentation.

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Zarqa Nawaz

Muslim comedy

Later Thursday, Zarqa Nawaz who has bridged a number of gaps between Muslim immigrant and Canadian culture through comedy, presented her story and her work. Without a doubt the funniest presentation at the workshop, but first of all very enlightening and an eye-opener to all.


Kristina Persson

Minister for Strategy, Future Issues and Nordic cooperation, Sweden

At the last session at our workshop was a discussion with Kristina Persson, the Swedish Minister for Strategic Development and Nordic Cooperation

Before the session, Persson had spoken personally with several of the scientists, one of the students had interviewed her, and she had participated in the working group on changing narratives.


Friday afternoon after the concluding event with Kristina Persson, we snapped one final picture.