Scientific Organizers

The Lorentz Center did an amazing job organizing all the practicalities of getting 40 people a hotel room, providing food for 70 people for five days, arranging a public event and a great workshop dinner as well as dealing with the multiple practicalities associated with an event involving 70 people from across the world.

We, the organizers, are also grateful for the enthusiastic engagement of the workshop participants, for the many excellent talks and in particular for the collaborative contributions, which are still ongoing in part through our wiki. The execution and outcome of this workshop exceeded our expectations on all accounts.


Lene Rachel Andersen

Next Scandinavia, meaningful growth

Jos van den Broek bw q

Jos van den Broek

Science communication and society


Christopher Coenen

Research area Innovation processes and impacts of technology


Norman Packard

European Centre for Living Technology


Steen Rasmussen

Center for Fundamental Living Technology


Dirk Stemerding

Rathenau Instituut