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21 Intercourse techniques which are going to push Him Crazy

21 Intercourse techniques which are going to push Him Crazy

According to (who else?) males.

Males, whom women that are many been taught prefer to have sex than breathe air, do have choices with regards to jobs. To get this: numerous even prefer quality over amount. Don’t think us? These males arrived ahead to show their favorite sex techniques — and most shown tamer than you might imagine.

1. Whenever you go on it sluggish.

“I want to go sluggish, with a large amount of dental from both s >— Michael F., 25, hillcrest, California

2. Whenever you both lay on your own s >”i enjoy it when we are on our s >— James P ., 35, Brooklyn, brand new York

3. Whenever your ankles are over your arms.

“I Don’t have the penis that is biggest in the field, nevertheless the place that produces me feel i am breaking my gf (in a great way) occurs when she is on the back and I also throw her ankles over my neck and penetrate her. It creates penetration feel deeper for us both, particularly if her butt is hanging a bit that is little the bed.” — John J., 29, Phoenix, Arizona

4. If you have intercourse regarding the settee.

“I want it when she straddles my penis when I’m sitting in a seat or in the sofa. I will see and touch every thing, including her breasts and clit. I’m sure a large amount of dudes like reverse cowgirl and it’s really hot to see a woman’s ass and every thing, but i usually feel enjoy it bends my penis to the level where it may break.” — Peter C., 31, Asheville, new york

5. Whenever you do doggy design.

“Doggy, all of the method. I am an ass guy therefore, for me personally, you’ll find nothing much better than viewing her ass come directly at me personally. My girlfriend that is current is into rectal intercourse, which will be fine, but doggy makes me feel we are having anal, but better: there is no possibility we’ll ramp up by having an strange ‘surprise’ on my penis whenever we’re completed.” — Brian S., 27, Richmond, Virginia

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