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Computers are able to replace lawyers

During the workshop Jaap van den Herik was talking about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the question whether computers are able to replace people. He used court cases as an example to show what computers can do. Some problems for judges and computers in a court case are the use of vague concepts, norms, values and…

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Facing scientific and technological changes

“Science and technology are fundamentally changing society”, says Steen Rasmussen, physicist, center director at the University of Southern Denmark and now one of the main organizers of the workshop ‘An Emerging Technological and Societal Transition’. He states that not only he, but everyone should be aware of these dramatic changes. These changes make it important…

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Artificial life, a father – daughter documentary

During the workshop ‘An emerging technological and societal transition:preparing for the post-industrial world’, scientists of different fields are present. Between all the names of these scientists, the name Kristina Korsholm, a model, actress, producer, and writer was unexpected. Elite Models Copyright: PK Images Kristina told that she was born in Elsinore in Denmark. There she was raised in…

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