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Why are Guys Mad About Mammaries?

Why are Guys Mad About Mammaries?

Why do guys love breasts?

I would ike to count the theories:

1. Freudian (breasts remind guys of the mothers in addition to nurturing of childhood) 2. Evolutionary (breasts resemble buttocks, and ancestors that are prehuman mounted from behind) 3. Reproductive (breasts are an indicator of age, and big breasts in specific really are a marker of high estrogen amounts, connected with fertility).

Do these good reasons adequately explain why breasts are beloved — even in countries that don’t eroticize them any longer compared to the face?

Or even, right right here’s another:

Breasts facilitate “pair-bonding” between couples. Guys developed to love breasts because women can be likelier to possess intercourse with — and/or be connected to — fans who handle their breasts. Continue reading Why are Guys Mad About Mammaries?