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Kristina and father

During the workshop ‘An emerging technological and societal transition:preparing for the post-industrial world’, scientists of different fields are present. Between all the names of these scientists, the name Kristina Korsholm, a model, actress, producer, and writer was unexpected.

Elite Models

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Kristina told that she was born in Elsinore in Denmark. There she was raised in a hippie environment with love for arts, politics and music. Her modeling career started when she was travelling in the USA. Kristina worked in New York for a while at Tribe Models. “I was too young for New York and did not feel safe”, she told. After returning to Denmark she signed with Elite Models. At this big agency she felt safe, because “the modeling industry in Denmark was a small industry.”


Due to her childhood in a hippie atmosphere she was open minded to different cultures. In the hippie world everything had to be natural; naked feet and no make-up. Her modeling career was not inspired by this background. On the contrary, becoming a model was a rebellion towards this environment. In the modeling industry everything is about make-up and looking good.

KristinaKorsholm3Brains and beauty

Kristina is at this conference, because the last two years she has been working together with film director Pernille Rose Groenkjaer on a documentary. This documentary is about herself and her father, Steen Rasmussen, his work on artificial life and their relationship.

Do you understand your father’s work?
“Yes, I understand it. I am annoyed that in Los Angeles, where I live, it is not cool to be a brainiac girl. It is a good idea to show that beauty and brains can go together. I want to explain what scientists like my dad are doing, because journalists and policy-makers do not understand it.”


How did you get the idea for this documentary?
“On the 1st of July 2013 I was writing with a friend. We were talking about our families and I explained the work of my father. My friend got very excited and encouraged me to make a movie of it. We were even able to raise money for it in Hollywood, because people still like science.”

You raised money in Hollywood, but are now working with a Danish production company. What has happened?
“In June 2014, I was in Denmark at a conference. I did not go back to Los Angeles immediately and started talking to some documentarists. They asked me why the documentary about me and my father was not based in Denmark. They said there would be no deadlines. At that time I felt pushed to get the movie finished, but I was not ready for what Hollywood wanted. I met Pernille and she wanted to tell the same story as I did.”

Artificial life

Would you also been able to raise money when the documentary was about a dull physics subject instead of artificial life?
“I don’t know. But artificial life is very fascinating and scary, because it is unknown what will happen. Artificial life and synthetic biology are organic and growing things. It is not like a robot or something that is attached to the body. Another interesting aspect for funding might be that this documentary is about a father-daughter relationship.”

If you would like to know more about Kristina Korsholm you can visit her personal website  or her Instagram page.

By Amanda Schaaf

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